All credentials can be managed in the Organization section, Settings section. The following properties are displayed in the list:

    • Name
    • Login name (Username, ClientId, Community, …)
    • Location (Vault, Docusnap Enterprise Gateway)
    • Type (User/Password, SNMPv1/-v2, Microsoft Identity)

    The name is a freely definable text. For the login name, the actual login information is displayed, depending on the type. For example for the integrated Windows authentication the username from the Active Directory. The location shows where the password was stored. This can be the isolated vault or the corresponding Docusnap Enterprise Gateway. The type identifies the purpose of the credential.

    “Organization” area

    Credentials can be added, edited and deleted in the “Organization” area.



    Credentials can also be added to the respective wizard. Below are the specific instructions for the discovery wizards:

    • Logon with username and password (“Windows(AD)”, “Windows(IP)”, “Active Directory”, “DHCP”, “DNS”)
    • SNMPv1/-v2 community information

    Docusnap Enterprise Gateway

    As described in the instructions for the isolated vault, it is possible to store the credentials directly on the Docusnap Enterprise Gateway. This has the advantage that the passwords do not leave the own network. Only the description and the username are stored in the isolated vault so that they can be selected in the wizards.